Sunday, June 6, 2010

On not keeping a blog

I've never kept a blog. My husband and I travel a lot (both for academic work and for pleasure), and I've intended to keep a travel blog for our journeys, but have never managed to do so. I do keep journals of sketches and watercolors. And I do take photos, like this one, from a week of walking in the Yorkshire Dales last summer.

I send lengthy emails to a list of friends and family. But I've never put these into a permanent online format. I keep imagining I'll do so in conjunction with this course, but I'm always so busy keeping up with what needs to be done week to week, that I don't get a chance to create anything for myself. Maybe that will have to wait until I really retire. But I do think that a blog would be the right format for what I envision--a series of posts in my voice, chronologically ordered and updated, with photos, or even scans of my sketches and watercolors. And I could post to it from any internet cafe.

I have found blogs to be useful in teaching because they support the voices of individual writers, and there's a link to a blog (with links to student blogs) from a Lifewriting class on the Blackboard site. I've also been using a Wordpress blog to create an Educational Technology Newsletter for UMB. Wordpress lets me manipulate the date of posts, so that I can make them appear in the sequence that I want and with a number of article posts (typically 4 or 5) that will appear on one page, but I think the interface is harder to learn than this one.

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luff.lurven said...

Hi Ellie,

Did I err in posting my brief thoughts on blogs to the main 613 blog page? should I move it to my reflection blog? I just noticed no one else has posted yet, so I wasn't sure if we were to take the idea and write about it on our independent blogs.

Cheers and thank you,