Monday, June 7, 2010


Hi all,

I must say that over and over again, I have attempted to blog about a variety of topics (or nothing at all--see my blogger profile...). I suppose I'm also not able to consistently keep a diary or writing journal, which is a similar daily ritual. I do, however, enjoy reading blogs and admire those that have the fortitude for such a routine. It seems to me that the greatest aspect of a successful blog has nothing to do with the content, of course, but everything to do with carving a niche for a particular subculture, group, or community.

My personal favorites vary very much in their presentation of ideas, images, and dialogues, but they all seem to "click" in a way that has you obsessing over every post from 2001 to the present! At "Return to Sender" my friend Sarah has built up a cohesive community that includes vigorous "comment" sessions (discussions!), frequent posts about contemporary issues in America and around the world, and a specific focus that is witty, critical, and engaging. The format is appealing the the eye, but still direct and informative.

The blogging world also carves out a large piece of the internet for us foodies! The simple design of foodgawker is quite misleading. It is an enormous community blog that features a multitude of foodie pictures, posts, and recipes. I shudder to think of the hours I've spent endlessly scanning their pages.

The best blogs, for me, inspire fresh ideas, unique perspectives, and have a sense of humor. It also seems quite luxurious for people to make their living from this kinds of work. Perhaps the nicest models for this are the ones in which the primary administrator has a great great that the community that is built around it wants to do the majority of contributing, giving the blog a life of its own. Though I frequently have "good" ideas for blogs, my inability to develop a routine that blocks out the time necessary, makes me hesitant to start anything. But who knows? Maybe this summer?

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