Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Welcome Su 2009

Welcome to the class blog I've created for En613. You can see a few posts from last year's users.


Ashley Nee said...

Yay! I found our class blog! Here is the URL for my blog that I have created for this course.

I mention this in my own blog but, here is someone's blog that I found interesting because I myself love saving money. This person is pretty impressive.

She ends up getting everything for free!!! I know this blog is pretty superficial but I explain in my blog that I had a difficult time searching for other's blogs. Maybe someone can tell me if there is another way. :)

Somebody said...

I've had several blogs over the past few years- I tend to write as if in a journal, and then delete my blog when I move onto a new phase of my life. Currently, I haven't been blogging, but here's an old blog I had- I deleted it before but I reinput some entries I had in it. Thanks!

Lisa Leake said...

My Blog is posted under the 613 2008 hyperlink, right below this one. I will repost when at home and can think.


Lisa Leake said...

Oh, OK, just click on the pic and you will be at my site.