Monday, June 2, 2008

Welcome to our class blog for En613!

We'll use this blog site to create links to your individual blogs.


jenn said...

Hi Everyone! I wanted to give you the link to the Blog I did for another course I took. It was my first and I had a ton of fun with it~ It also may explain a bit about me.

Talk soon!

Kristin said...

This is a blog I started from my myspace page.

Jason McCabe said...

Hey guys! I don't understand how we add links to this blog. I've done it to my own blog, but aren't we supposed to add to this one?

Gina M. said...

Hey everyone,

Here's a blog I started to chronicle life in and around HK.

Joeybonbon said...

Hello everyone! I don't know how to become a contributor on this page, but here is the link to my page! :)

Just to warn you: I am a rather silly person :)

Lisa Leake said...

Hi 613 (everyone),

I am trying this again. Here is my blog:

Hope it works.

Lisa Leake

Lisa Leake said...